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[ROM] CyanogenMod 13.0 [Android 6.0]

Oficiální firmwary, custom ROM, kernely ap.
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[ROM] CyanogenMod 13.0 [Android 6.0]

Příspěvek od there » 27. 4. 2016 8:07

Přestože to vypadá že tento telefon je skoro mrtvý podle aktivity lidí a i já sám sem moc nechodím tak jsem byl zvědav jestli byl proveden nějaký pokrok. A ejhle on byl ....

Byl vydán neoficiální update na Android 6.0
http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/3765 ... -24042016/

Basketbuild - https://basketbuild.com/devs/chil360


I would recommend Opengapps (ARM/6.0) Pico but any GApps for Masrhmallow should work. Using GApps slows the phone considerably so I would advise using minimal GApps editions.

With Opengapps, it must be installed at the same time as the rom. Installing at a later time causes FC's when the phone is rebooted.

Note: To fix AOSP keyboard with opengapps pico remove the file: /system/lib/libjni_latinimegoogle.so

Current Status:

Working so far:

It boots successfully, display works, touchscreen & buttons all work ok
Video playback (software decoding)
Internal & External SD Card - Internal set as primary storage, External is adoptable.
Phone/Data - Needs testing! Rild & libril now built from source using custom libril based on CM13 hardware/ril-caf with a commit from LegacyHuawei.

Not Working:

Video playback (hardware decoding)
FM Radio

Comments/Known Issues:


When configuring wifi during the setup wizard, wifi connects to the access point but sometimes doesn't make an internet connection. Skip through the setup wizard, go to Settings -> Wifi, turn off wifi, turn it back on and it will connect successfully.

Mobile Data:

If mobile does not connect when enabled, turn on aeroplane mode, wait a few seconds then turn off aeroplane mode. When the phone reconnects to the network it should also successfully connect the mobile data. Now that the initial connection has been made, you should be able to disable and enable mobile data as required and it will connect.

vč. seznamu oprav : jak vidíte rozhodně vývoj pokračuje velmi zdařile.

• Updated CM13 sources to 24/04/2016
• patch: build - Remove android.hardware.ethernet.xml permission from Emulator.mk. This fixes the initial connection of wifi during the Setup Wizard (Connected, no Internet). As our wifi uses the device name 'eth0' (instead of wlan0) this permission must somehow be causing a conflict.

• Updated CM13 sources to 17/04/2016
• Wifi: Remove custom wifi.c - Our custom wifi.c hasn't been updated since kitkat so is out of date compared to the stock wifi.c (from libhardware_legacy). The stock version seems to work without any modifications required for our wifi hardware in CM13.

• Updated CM13 sources to 10/04/2016
• Kernel: ◦ pipe: Fix buffer offset after partially failed read
◦ UPSTREAM: include/linux/poison.h: fix LIST_POISON{1,2} offset
◦ msm: ipc_router: Bind only a client port as control port
◦ net/ipv6/route.c: packets originating on device match lo

• Updated CM13 sources to 03/04/2016

• Updated CM13 sources to 27/03/2016

• Updated CM13 sources to 20/03/2016
• Build toybox from source again - kernel updated to support finit_module so wifi module are loading correctly now.
• Add legacy audio policy hal to device tree as it has been removed from core CM codebase.
• Kernel: ◦ Enable CONFIG_SECCOMP
◦ Add a number of commits to update seccomp
◦ Add finit_module support (requires seccomp)

• Updated CM13 sources to 13/03/2016
• Replace deprecated wifi supplicant scan interval property with new overlay setting. This should hopefully fix the constant wifi disconnect/re-connect in last weeks build.
• Fix auto-rotate issue.
• Use prebuilt toybox binary as current toybox sources cause a failure to properly load the kernel wifi modules.

• Updated CM13 sources to 06/03/2016

• Updated CM13 sources to 28/02/2016

• Updated CM13 sources to 21/02/2016

• Updated CM13 sources to 14/02/2016
• Kernel: ◦ neigh: Better handling of transition to NUD_PROBE state (Fixes Wifi dropouts!)

• Updated CM13 sources to 07/02/2016
• Kernel: Increase camera heap size

• Updated CM13 sources to 31/01/2016
• Enabled Snap camera app

• Updated CM13 sources to 24/01/2016

• Updated CM13 sources to 17/01/2016

• Updated CM13 sources to 10/01/2016- Android 6.0.1_r10

• Happy New Year!
• Updated CM13 sources to 03/01/2016
• Cherry-pick Browser runtime permissions commit - fixes browser FC when trying to download

• Updated CM13 sources to 27/12/2015

• Updated CM13 sources to 20/12/2015

• Updated CM13 sources to 13/12/2015 - Android 6.0.1_r3
• Kernel now built with UBERTC 4.9 toolchain
• Replace CMUpdater with my own update checker - OTAUpdater (based on SlimOTA) - with direct download of latest rom from Basketbuild ◦ Launch from Settings -> About Phone -> CyanogenMod Updates

• Updated CM13 sources to 06/12/2015
• Device updates - Tune KSM config to reduce cpu usage which improves battery usage and performance.

• Updated CM13 sources to 29/11/2015
• Initial build for G330
• Device updates - cleanups & performance tweaks.

• Initial build for G510
• Add support for the Internal SD storage and set as primary. External SD is now configured as adoptable.
• Revert to KSM (instead of UltraKSM) and change the default I/O scheduler back to deadline (from bfq) - this improves battery life.
• Device updates to help performance.

• Initial build for Y300

Až budu mít čas a náladu tak napíši recenzi.

DOWNLOAD : https://basketbuild.com/devs/chil360/u8833/CM13